Welcome to Clarknews.org

Located in Worcester, MA, Clark University was founded back in 1887, this University is now educating undergraduates as well. Clark is a founding member of the Association of American Universities. Loren Pope included Clark University as one of the 40 schools in his book Colleges That Change Lives. In terms of enrollment, the population is composed of 60% women, and 40% men, while only an 8% are international students. From all the population only a 2% does not live in campus housing. An outstanding 89% of all students is receiving need or merit based financial aid. Clarknews.org was the college’s newspaper for quite a while, during its operation, the newspaper took a very interesting approach towards the life of the university and everything around it. In terms of staffing there was a group of volunteers that gave it their best shot in terms of providing the alumni with as much information as possible. The mission number one was to bring relevant information that the alumni could benefit from.

With a rather informative approach, the newspaper provided all kinds of campus related news such as improvements, equipment acquisition, etc. Besides all that the newspaper had an entertaining section in which special events were announced. Parties, concerts and all kind of cultural activities were also advertised in the pages of this publication. The sports section could not be left out, of course, and information about the best sports events and important games were also included, as well as a small section on statistics of the players and interesting game reviews done by the sports experts.

Here are some examples of the sports news that the paper reported:

Apr 13, 2011. “The female rowing program ended the day with a well deserve couple of victories, while the male team was also up to the challenge. In terms of upcoming events, the female team will take part of the NEWMAC Championship down in Lake Quinsigamond where they will have to face Massachusetts Maritime, Brandeis, Umass-Lowell, Amherst and Assumption.”

Apr 11, 2011. “Clark University was defeated once more by visiting Rhode Island College. While the Rhode Island College improves to 5-4, Clark University sinks in a hard to swallow 1-8”

Apr 9, 2011. A very interesting doubleheader faced Clark University and Babson College at Govoni Field. In this occasion, Clark University lost in both the female and male teams, 4-0 and 6-1.

Apr 9, 2011. Lacrosse action took place on Saturday afternoon, when after a very close game for most of it that threw a 3-3 score, was finally closed big by visiting Springfield College in a 3-0 rally to the final score 8-5.

The paper used to give a strong emphasis on the sports aspect of the campus, but it also printed news about the kinds of research programs that the University had and has, relevant details about faculty and several other topics. Unfortunately the newspaper was closed and the university lost temporarily a very interesting source of information. Hoping that the newspaper service will restart soon, some groups have already talked about bringing the service back.